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About Us

Onyx Mines & Minerals a company incorporated and located in Kutch. This region is the main mining and manufacturing hub for Bentonite.

Bentonite is widely used in Construction, Oil drilling, Animal litter, Cosmetics, Dam sealing etc Onyx Mines and Minerals is Mine owners and direct Manufacturers of this high standard impalpable material of flawless quality. Meeting and exceeding the standards and specifications of the industry.

Our grading & analysis ensures only rich and supreme quality minerals are offered to our buyers locally and internationally.


ONYX Mines and Minerals has of experience in supplying to most of the bentonite applications, is gradually focusing on being one of the global brands which shall not restrict itself just to a mineral producer but would enhance its brand image to a solutions provider. By the means of investing on human resource as well as on Technology ONYX Mines and Minerals intends to enhance the competition by adding value to resources and offering solutions to customer.


ONYX Mines and Minerals has a vision of growing and acquiring a leading role in the international bentonite business through the satisfaction of its clients needs with a range of high quality distinct products helping the customer solve their application problems.

ONYX Mines and Minerals gradually will be a solution provider to its customers by supplying exactly the right product for the end customer.