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Bentonite with sodium ions depict high swelling capacities and good bonding properties.Being one of the leading manufacturers, exporters, distributors of Bentonite Clay based products our materials are used worldwide in a variety of applications such as Oil, Gas and Water Well drilling, Metal Casting, Environmental Construction and Remediation, Cat litter, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals etc.They are supplied to many leading foundries in order to cater to their requirement of high pressure moulding lines in India and abroad.

Bentonite due to it's high swelling capacity can be put to optimum utilisation for various industrial purposes.

Due to its higher bond strength it's requirement quantitatively is considerable less then that of other Betonites, thus not only saving money but eliminating expensive storage and handling charges. When foundry men prefer to use more than one type of bonding in the blend, the use of our Betonite is a great advantage as other place blend well with it again as due to its high durability, a minimum quantity only will be required for rebounding.